Thankfully, most of the webpage is now completed.  I have just about added all the galleries that I wanted to include.  From now on, I will be adding individual items as I find them.

About me:  I have been collecting WWI and WWII wings since the late 1980’s/early 1990’s.  When I am not grubbing around and picking through other peoples junk at flea markets, I am a scientist.

I have a number of hobbies other than wing collecting. I am a big fan of deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. I also like to read science fiction and horror and fantasy science fiction books.


This is a webpage dedicated to wing collecting and many other things related to military aviation from WWI to WWII.  This site is intended for collectors, veterans, historians and anyone else who finds themselves interested in aviation insignia, patches, uniforms, photographs and other related collectables.  

Last updated on:  Added new service pilot grouping, WWII KIA B17 medal grouping and Korean War B26 MIA/KIA medal/wing grouping on 3/13/12

Added new flight engineer wing on 9/14/11

3/22/11  Added new POW grouping, including rare wings.

2/27/11 Added some new photos of Lt. Edward Wallerstein.

2/5/11 added new WWI bullion wing.

12/28/10  added new squadron patches and A2 and B15 flight jacket.